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I am using the Kendo scheduler and the timezone offset appears to be adding hours and subtracting hours in the opposite direction from what should happen. When I change my client timezone to a more western timezone, hours are added to the event date times and when I change my client browser to a... How To Reload data for DropDownList in Kendo UI … I'm using Kendo UI Scheduler. In its Edit template, I added a drop down list.It loads data correctly. However, in the template, there are 2 textbox which are UserId and PatientId. The text of them may be changed when user edits the task.

template: kendo.template($("#schedulerTemplate").html()) }Kendo mobile ui create dynamic body height for iphone 4, 4s, 5 etc.. Please find the code below Tested in ripple emulator (iPhone 5) Kendo UI Templates - YouTube Showing off some of KendoUI's template features.Debugging Kendo UI Applications - Продолжительность: 15:21 Kendo UI 9 625 просмотров. Kendo UI Scheduler Tutorials APK download |

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Kendo UI — новейший UI-фреймворк от Telerik / Хабр Kendo UI — это клиентский фрейморк и набор из более чем 10 виджетов (грид, графики/диаграммы, выпадающий списк и т.дПоддерживается привязка данных, шаблоны, анимация, drag-and-drop и многое другое. Разработчики обещают высокую скорость работы... How to create a calendar/scheduler with OData and … 2.Create your scheduler view. Navigate to the Global/ContentViews folder and add a new Empty Content view folder width the name