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Cabal Slot Extender Highest Drop List - -- Cabal Online Forum -- MMORPG ..PCI -E cabal slot extender highest drop list to PCIe 1X Interface Expansion card 3 Ports PCIe Slots Riser for PCI -E PCI -E to PCIe 1X I Riser PCI -E extenderDepository and drop slot safes are ideal for placing money and other .. FireKing Stop Hinge Design Locking Cash Box - Key Lock - for Money, Coin - Overa.

Farming - Official Cabal Wiki May 26, 2010 ... Farming rates are listed for Normal accounts (free), Premium (pay), and ... +300% Alz drop (max is +500%); +200% 1-slot drop (max is +400%); +1000% ... Upgrade Core(High); Rare Auction House drops: 2-slot Titanium ... Normal Drops - Official Cabal Wiki Feb 6, 2018 ... 1 NORMAL STUFF DROPS. 1.1 Newbie stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5 : 1.2 Reinforced, Iron (weapon), Red stuff +0,+0 slot,+1,+2,+3,+4,+5 : 1.3 ...

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critical rate random scroll 1 fcking luck of try. - YouTube to craft a crit rate via random scroll 1: put a desired scroll on the first slot (crit damage %) 2: your item must be +2 or lower (lower ups, lower chance of success, will be explained why we need ... Setting 1/2 slot items as a drop - RaGEZONE - MMO ... Hello Just found some nice thing, which of course works. You can edit given map drops table and if u put as an option 268435456 You'll always drop this item as one-slotted, however when you pun in option 536870912 You'll always drop this item as two-slotted.

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Cabal – Monster drop list - Gaming Tips Cabal – Monster drop list For those who always wan to check the monster drop list, here is the monster drop list that quite complete (i think) for you to refer:- Personnal drop calculator (per items)

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Achievements - Official Cabal Wiki Cabal has an extensive Achievement system added during the 3rd awakening update. Achievements are obtained by many different methods such as quests, dungeons, pvp and items.

Guide for Cabal. Mostly from forum sites, just compiled them here for easy access.

Equipments for 2Slot drop *You can only hack 2slot drop until lvl132 using bo7c+4 2. 3 bo7c+2 or +3 or +4 Bo7c+2 (requires honor rank 6 & lvl119) your stats should be honor rank 6 & lvl118 below *p.s. your lvl should at most be lvl118 and must not be the same or higher than the bos requirement that you want to use. Bo7c+3 (requries honor rank 7 ... Cabal Slot Extender Drop -

CABAL 2 is an action-MMO with fluid, skill-based combat that offers the genuine MMO experience that made the genre so popular. With classic classes such as the Priest, Wizard, Warrior, as well as ... Playthisgame - CABAL - Notice - Monster Invasion & Bonus 2. Find the invaders and destroy them! 3. Collect awesome loot [Drop Lists] *Archridium Chaos Boxes contain Archridium 2 slot items. Easter Bonus We are providing several bonuses during the last week of the Monster Invasion for a strong finish! [Event Period & Details] April 1st - April 3rd Skill EXP 50% Pet EXP 50% AXP 50% Drop Rate 50%. April ...